2C Tech Corporation, Inc.

Ramgopal Rao
Chief Executive Officer

A serial entrepreneur with 20 plus years of medical device and pharmaceutical experience. Founder of Acufocus and Tomey Technology

Jeffrey Olson, M.D.
Chief Technology Officer,

Associate Professor  of ophthalmology, retinal surgeon
Univ. of Colorado

Author of numerous research publication

Naresh Mandava, M.D.


Professor and Chairman of ophthalmology, Univ. of Colorado, retinal surgeon
Author of numerous research publications

Robert Armstrong
Chief Financial Officer

20 years of experience as CFO. Financial management roles at IBM and other technology companies

Conrad Stoldt, Ph.D.
Research Chemist

Physical Chemist, Univ. of Colorado

Robert Shimizu
Consultant, CMC

20 Years of regulatory experience in CMC, QA & QC

Phillip Ellis, M.D.
Scientific Advisor

Ophthalmologist,  VA  Medical Center, Denver, CO

Judy Gordon, D.V.M.
Regulatory Consultant

President, Clinreg Consultants. One of the leading experts  in all areas of regulatory affairs